The 200M Milestone

Written by Dina Panos, the North American Marketing Specialist at Lind Equipment

Lind Equipment is the industry expert in temporary LED lighting for the commercial construction industry and has recently announced that their award-winning LED Jobsite System has achieved a momentous accomplishment that is significantly contributing to sustainable building practices in the construction industry.

Lind Equipment’s revolutionary LED Jobsite lighting solution has reached two hundred million kWh of energy savings in a little over three years.  The LED Jobsite System is a temporary lighting solution that expertly combines ultra efficient state-of-the-art LED technology with innovative design and rugged durability.  A complete plug and play system that can be reused again and again across multiple construction projects, the LED Jobsite System provides quantifiable project cost savings along with dramatic energy savings.
Lind Equipment compiles real-time data to precisely quantify the energy savings generated by their LED Jobsite System on active jobsites.  This energy savings milestone is the equivalent to removing 32,000 cars off the road for one year, or powering 22,000 homes on an annual basis.  If you monetize the savings using an average of 10 cents/kWh (national average), it adds up to $20 million of savings in electricity costs.

The significance of this milestone reflects the market’s recognition of the many benefits providing by the LED Jobsite System and is a clear indicator that contractors are raising the bar for acceptable temporary lighting on their jobsites.  Contractors that bring high levels of savings to a job along with significant safety and environmental benefits through the use of efficient and reusable temporary lighting equipment are elevating the standard in sustainability across the construction industry.

Benefits of LED Jobsite – Environmental Savings

Traditionally, contractors do not consider the amount of energy consumption lighting can have on a project, since often the energy costs fall to the developer/project owner.  But as shown, the savings can be tremendous and are increasingly being considered by owners and contractors and it has become more important than ever for construction companies to pay attention to jobsite carbon footprints. After decades of wasteful and destructive practices that have impacted the environment, adopting the LED Jobsite System is a proactive and profitable step toward reducing the carbon footprint of construction sites.  Waste is reduced by reusing the LED lights from project to project, which reduces waste going to landfills and contains no hazardous chemicals such as the mercury present in compact fluorescent and metal halide bulbs, or other toxic heavy metals.

Current statistics show that only about 20 per cent of lighting can be recovered for use on another job.  In contrast, LED Jobsite lighting allows temporary lighting to be considered assets.  In addition, with no bulbs to replace, quicker installation/un-installation time, and fewer electrical circuits required – even without considering the energy costs, adopting LED on a jobsite will provide a return on investment based on labour savings alone.  The labour at all stages—installation, maintenance, and at take-down—is dramatically reduced.  With the benefit of reusing the lights on additional jobs, the cost-benefit considerations weigh heavily in favour of LED. 

Benefits of LED Jobsite – Monetary Savings

Lind Equipment President, Brian Astl, stresses that energy savings that the savings that result when switching from bulb-based lighting to LED lighting can potentially add up to a reduction of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Not only is energy consumption reduced by 80 per cent, but less LED lights will be needed to light up the same area.

“With LED lighting, the energy savings alone can pay back the cost of the lights on the first project they are used on,” Astl explains.  “This should matter to the contractor, even when he or she is not the one paying for the energy consumption, because the potential savings to the developer/owner can place a contractor in a more favourable position by providing a more value added service.  This includes a more sustainable solution for the entire project rather than maintaining status quo with string lights.”Astl explains that most consumers are familiar with the benefits of LED lighting; it has a lower total cost of ownership, is more energy efficient, has a longer life, and is safer for the environment than traditional bulb-based lights. 

However, he noted that it is often overlooked and underestimated just how concentrated those savings are on a construction site – where temporary lighting is typically run 24-hours a day over many months, or years at a time.  Lind Equipment’s LED Jobsite lights not only save money and provide great benefit to the environment, but they are easy to install.

Benefits of LED Jobsite – Proven

“When we first introduced the LED Jobsite system, electrical contractors challenged us to prove the savings and how it would improve their operations,” says Susan Azevedo, LED Jobsite Product Manager at Lind Equipment.  “Through demonstrated results across many projects, contractors came to understand the potential benefits of shifting from traditional disposable temporary string lights to the practice of investing in sustainable & reusable jobsite lighting equipment. 

Our community of LED Jobsite contractors are increasing their project’s profitability in an environmental and socially responsible way, and we are extremely proud to play a part in their success”. The LED Jobsite increases project efficiency and profitability by reducing labour and material, saving the owner hundreds of thousands of dollars in electricity, and creating a safer, more sustainable jobsite.  The return on investment is fast – typically within months on the first project.

With the ability to reuse the lights again and again on multiple projects – it is clear why more and more contractors are standardizing on the LED Jobsite System across all their projects.The necessity of making the change to LED has never been more apparent.  Now is the time to realize energy savings at your jobsites.  Place yourself at a competitive advantage and make your jobsites known for their efficiencies in energy and labour savings. Contact us today at for more information on how to take the next step.

The 200M Milestone

About the Author

Dina Panos is the North American Marketing Specialist at Lind Equipment, a leading manufacturer and supplier of static grounding, hazardous location and industrial work lighting, portable power, and GFCI products.  With over 70 years of experience providing products for commercial, industrial, and hazardous locations, Lind Equipment is trusted on some of the toughest jobsites in the world. Lind’s expertise and robust design makes it the supplier to various Air Forces, oil refineries, mining companies, nuclear power plants, and general industry.  For more information on the LED Jobsite, powered by Lind Equipment, visit