Garnica: Sustainable Plywood Solutions for Builders and the Construction Industry

Builders and the construction industry, along with their skilled trades, are a vital economic engine and they are constantly seeking cutting-edge solutions to stay ahead of the curve. With the world moving towards achieving carbon net zero footprint by 2030, builders have discovered Garnica, a new ally in sustainable plywood that is driving innovations in the field.

Since its humble beginnings in 1941 as a sawmill in the La Riojia region of Spain, Garnica has been a pioneer in the development of sustainable plywood, harvested from poplar plantations in Europe. The company is now a global leader in the manufacturing of premium plywood solutions and offers builders and designers a wide range of plywood products to match every possible design need and challenge. 

With a mission to challenge the ordinary, Garnica’s plywood solutions are ideal for any building project. If it can be imagined, it can be built using Garnica plywood.

Uniform sizes. Bigger yields

There are many benefits to plantation-grown panels, aside from sustainability. Each tree is basically identical, the same height, uniform and knot-free. Poplar itself is a lightweight and durable tree. It can be turned into the largest plywood panels available on the market, measuring 4’ x 10’ or 5’ x 8’. This fact alone means a better yield (and less waste) at the installation end. 

Garnica’s commitment to the environment extends well beyond their sustainable plantations, and the company has created several cutting-edge products that are in line with protecting the environment. 

One such product is Naturbind™ by Garnica, a unique adhesive technology, engineered using an exclusive no-added formaldehyde formula. Unlike adhesives of the past, which omit harmful toxins, Naturbind is an adhesive developed using a natural polymer that improves indoor air quality thanks to its exclusive formula.

Considering that architecture and design of spaces account for 39 per cent of global CO2 emissions according to Global ABC, reducing and eventually eliminating these emissions is a significant component in any design strategy to address climate change. With Naturbind, Garnica is boldly stating their commitment to builders, the construction industry and to the wellness of environment.

Reinforced Hardwood Panels

One ground-breaking innovation leads to another! Using Naturbind as its adhesive, Garnica has created a line of reinforced plywood panels, using different wood surfaces. The result is stunning applications that are both durable and sustainable. 

Infinity by Garnica: Digitally printed decorative hardwood panels.

The Reinforced Range by Garnica offers durability and elegance with a wide range of faces including birch, poplar and even maple. These panels are ideal when extra strength is required, as they are reinforced with a eucalyptus globulus core. They are especially useful in applications where design aesthetics is of equal importance. 

Infinity by Garnica, an innovative digital design technology, is truly next level in both design and construction. With Infinity, the latest design trends can be printed on any face, offering countless different design looks. Infinity can masterfully recreate the look of any wood, including rare woods and those that are endangered, while delivering a plywood panel with a durable hardwood core, designed to last. Infinity by Garnica is the epitome of beauty and strength combined.

Reinforced by Garnica, with a eucalyptus globulus core and birch finish.

By reinventing plywood standards, from sustainable forestry to new solutions in adhesives to durability and digital technology, Garnica has become the global leader within the industry. No wonder their motto is ‘Challenge the ordinary’.

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Garnica: Sustainable Plywood Solutions for Builders and the Construction Industry

About Garnica

Established in 1941 as a sawmill in La Rioja, Spain, Garnica is a pioneer in the development of innovative ways to manage and use natural resources responsibly and intelligently. We are a leader in the manufacturing of exceptional plywood solutions, serving the needs of our more than 600 clients in 45 countries. Garnica has grown considerably since its early days, it employs 1,200 people and has seven factories with production standards that revolve around sustainability. Garnica supports sustainable plantations as a source of raw materials for its products and we are always in search of excellence while steadily progressing. Offering a wide range of products, Garnica is the global benchmark for plywood panel production in the industry.