Enhancing Life Safety and Operational Integrity in Petrochemical Industries with AMBICO Blast Resistant Doors


Written by Sherlly Russel Kingsley, AMBICO Limited

The inherent risk of blast incidents is no secret in the petroleum and carbon-based chemical industries. Ensuring life safety in the petrochemical sector demands stringent measures to mitigate the potential for blasts and fires. Recognizing this imperative, AMBICO Limited pioneered the development of blast-resistant steel door assemblies tailored to withstand high-pressure blasts. These engineered assemblies provide vital protection by safeguarding both personnel and assets within these high-risk sectors.

Petrochemical door solutions tailored to Canadian needs

In the dynamic landscape of Western Canada, the petrochemical industry stands as an essential component of economic vitality and industrial innovation. Fueled by abundant natural resources, the petrochemical sector drives growth, fosters innovation, and creates employment opportunities for many. However, amid the dynamic operation of petrochemical facilities, ensuring safety and resilience against potential hazards remains paramount. 

In petrochemical facilities like those of Suncor, Imperial Oil, and ExxonMobil, AMBICO Blast-Resistant Steel Doors play a critical role in ensuring safety and operational efficiency. These well-renowned facilities house various high-risk areas such as high-pressure equipment rooms, control centers, IT rooms, and testing laboratories each with unique safety priorities.

Overall, their top priorities concerning blast and fire protection are ensuring the well-being of employees working in high-risk environments, safeguarding equipment, maintaining structural integrity, and minimizing downtime to ensure swift recovery post-incident. AMBICO Blast-Resistant Steel Doors effectively address these priorities, enhancing safety protocols and operational efficiency within petrochemical refineries.

Prioritizing safety in petrochemical operations

Within the bustling confines of petrochemical plants, blast-resistant doors serve as a frontline defence, creating a safe environment for personnel to work with confidence, knowing they are shielded from the catastrophic impact of blasts or fires. Made with durable steel and reinforced frames, these doors form a robust barrier against the risk of vapor cloud explosions, creating a safer work environment.

Protecting vital infrastructure

In any industry, including petrochemicals, the integrity of the building structure is essential to ensuring the longevity of the facility, human safety, and maintaining operational continuity. Blast-resistant door assemblies provide a critical barrier against the destructive impact of explosions. They create a formidable barrier effectively shielding personnel, protecting infrastructure from structural damage, and preserving operational capabilities. By fortifying key entry points and critical areas within the facility, these doors serve as reliable barriers safeguarding people, investments, and infrastructural assets.

Safeguarding equipment and operational integrity

Beyond human safety and structural protection, blast-resistant doors play a pivotal role in safeguarding essential equipment, IT infrastructure, and operational assets. In the event of a blast or fire, these doors act as a crucial line of defence, preventing damage to vital machinery, control systems, and technological infrastructure. In the fast-paced world of petrochemical operations, downtime is far from ideal. Blast-resistant doors mitigate the impact of blast incidents on vital equipment, enabling swift recovery and resumption of critical processes, ultimately reducing costly downtime and ensuring business continuity.

Rigorously tested 

As a renowned manufacturing expert in specialized door, frame, and window solutions, AMBICO is committed to delivering life safety, and protecting property and assets. Our blast-resistant steel doors are designed to provide guaranteed protection against blast loads while maintaining the functionality of regular hollow metal door openings.

To ensure the highest level of safety and performance, our blast-resistant doors are rigorously tested and certified by independent, accredited laboratories. AMBICO Blast-Resistant Steel Door Assemblies have undergone shock tube and open arena testing in accordance with ASTM F2927 standards, simulating the effects of blast loads to verify their resilience and performance. This extensive testing process guarantees that the door assemblies can withstand real-world blast scenarios, offering reliable protection in high-risk environments.


As the backbone of Western Canada’s industrial landscape, the petrochemical industry embodies resilience, innovation, and a commitment to safety. Within this dynamic sector, blast-resistant steel doors emerge as indispensable assets, fortifying facilities against unforeseen hazards and ensuring the safety of personnel, infrastructure, and critical equipment. By prioritizing safety, protecting vital infrastructure, and supporting continuous operations, blast-resistant doors uphold the standards of excellence that define the petrochemical industry in Western Canada. AMBICO remains dedicated to innovation and support, providing specialized door and frame assemblies to drive growth and stability in the industry for years to come. 

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