Beacon Lighting the Way

Beacon Lighting the WayBeacon Lighting the WayBeacon Lighting the WayBeacon Lighting the WayBeacon Lighting the WayBeacon Lighting the WayBeacon Lighting the WayDesigned by a lighting company and not a generator company, the triple award-winning Beacon LED Tower delivers on everything it promises; bright LED lights, durability, and innovation.  Lind Equipment’s high-efficiency LED light heads produce equal light output to a 1000W metal halide tower – but uses 80 per cent less power.  Strong white light output is guaranteed, with over 50,000 hours of 24/7 use without ever needing to change or repair a bulb.  When put to the test, the Beacon LED Tower illuminates more surface area than a traditional metal-halide tower each and every time.

Ever since debuting in 2017, the Beacon LED Tower has cleaned up, with three awards in only two years!  The 2017 Rental Equipment Register (RER) Innovative Product Award recognized the significance of a lighting company building a light tower by rewarding excellence and innovation that is geared towards supplying consumers with a better product.

The Beacon LED Tower’s second honour was winning the 2018 Pro Tool Innovation Award (PTIA) in the Commercial Site Lighting category. Judges from across North America, made up of tool and media professionals weighed on numerous global contenders.  After nearly 300 tool entries, the Beacon LED Tower emerged victorious.

In March of 2019, the Beacon LED Tower snagged its latest award, the 2019 Most Innovative Product (MIP) award in General Construction Tools category at the World of Concrete.  This award was voted on by the people in the industry.  Peer acknowledgement on innovation is a major accomplishment in any industry, and to have achieved multiple awards for it is a great honour. 

Features of the Beacon LED Tower

Beacon LED Tower features such as multiple power options, daisy-chaining capabilities, and compatibility make it extremely versatile.  An external fuel tank comes standard, which greatly supplements the run time of a 2000W generator up to 45 hours on a single tank.  The tower can also run off an external power source – needing only 6 amps to run – TWO towers can plug into a single standard outlet.  A 1000W-2000W user-supplied suitcase generator can also be placed inside the locked ventilated housing space in the chassis.  Regardless of the power source, the Beacon LED Tower is whisper-quiet, ideal for urban construction or events.

A light tower built by a lighting company doesn’t need a big generator to operate; making the Beacon LED Tower surprisingly portable and compact in comparison to traditional light towers.  Weighing just over 300 pounds with 4 LED lights, the tower can be moved by one person or lifted by a few.   Spanning only 5.5 feet long and 2.5 feet wide make it possible to fit two towers in the back of any pick-up truck. All new models come standard with rugged caster wheel steering and foam filled rubber tires to withstand any terrain.  A built-in steering handle makes it easy for one person to manoeuvre into the tightest of spaces.

Don’t be fooled by the Beacon LED Tower’s sleek look, or its lightweight and easy manoeuvrability. Underneath, the tower is built tough to withstand weather, rough treatment, and incredibly heavy loads.  The Beacon LED Tower’s mast and cables can support the weight of a SUV with 4 passengers and it will refuse to buckle under the weight.  The lift and tie down rings plus the forklift channels are engineered with the same durability as dump truck bodies.  Weatherproofing technology inside the light heads will protect the LED’s from both the scorching sun to the frigid cold.  Durability and strength are a few reasons why the Beacon LED Tower is a triple award-winning product.

Two models of the tower exist.  The original lay-flat Beacon LED Tower model boasts a small footprint.  Only 3 feet high when stowed, the mast is designed with two winches; one to lower the light head down and the other to lay the mast down flat. 

The second model is built with a vertical mast instead of a lay-flat mast.  The Vertical Mast tower has an even smaller footprint than the existing lay-flat model!  The single winch design allows for quick deployment times and easier single-person manoeuvrability; increasing the number of jobsites that can use a Beacon LED Tower light.  While the Vertical Mast sits higher than the original tower (6 feet when stowed), it can still fit through a man-door with ease.
That covers just the specifications of this nifty light tower but it is the benefits that win over customers every time.  The Beacon LED Tower with 4 light heads only needs 800W of power to run and with operating costs as little as $0.10/hour, it saves projects thousands of dollars with its low wattage and power.  Those savings can be allocated into proper funds that are needed on the jobsite. 

The benefits of the Beacon

The days of towing light towers are over. A single person can transport and manoeuvre the tower in any manner they wish.  When the job is complete, only a few people are needed to lift the tower into the back of a pickup truck for easy transportation.  Needing less people to set up and take down equipment saves the project money on labour and increases productivity.  And state-of-the-art LED lights mean no broken bulbs and no refuelling or repairs needed; the Beacon LED Tower is virtually maintenance free and all Lind Equipment LED lights come with a complete three-year warranty.

Three awards in two years is an enormous feat unmatched in the tower light world.  The Beacon LED Tower is innovative and game changing.  Lind Equipment is proud to make this and other portable electrical equipment for the toughest workplaces, so you can rest assured and work confidently.  

Beacon Lighting the Way

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