Seamless Beauty, Weather Defiance, Maintenance Freedom

Celect® Cellular Composite Siding by Royal® has all the aesthetic attributes of real wood, with none of the maintenance or durability issues. Its advanced engineering features colour-preserving Kynar® Aquatec coating and patented interlocking joints that virtually eliminate seams and repel the moisture that degrades other siding products. A perfect complement to Celect Siding is Celect Trim and Moulding. It carries the same curb-appealing and low-maintenance properties, plus its colors are protected by the same Kynar Aquatec coating. See how much siding and trim have progressed…visit their website!

A Safety Solution for Zero Water Locations

It’s a safety manager’s ongoing headache; how to get running water for emergency eyewashes to outdoor work environments. Portable emergency eyewashes work in many situations, except when the temperatures dip to freezing levels. Now available on market is the SEF 4330: Heated Gravityflo® Portable Eyewash. 

This new system must always be connected to a power source and when possible, wall-mounting is suggested. The Heated Gravityflo® Portable Emergency Eyewash was engineered with innovative features including a 20-gallon capacity tank (one of the highest capacity portables in the market); heating pads that keep water tepid even when temperatures fall to -23ºC; comes standard with ground fault plug with reset; and three-year warranty.


New low-conductivity pressure plate options

Technoform Bautec recently introduced low-conductivity, polyamide pressure plate options to improve thermal performance in curtain wall systems, which contributes to achieving commercial buildings’ energy-efficiency, wellness and sustainability goals.

The pressure plate designed accommodates a variety of manufacturer-supplied exterior covers to address project-specific requirements of both new construction and renovation projects. Technoform Bautec’s newest pressure plate design was created for two-inch-wide systems. An option for 2.5-inch-wide systems also is available.
“At Technoform Bautec, we are focused on providing architects and the fenestration industry with quality, proven solutions to meet the needs of sustainable design. Together, we can create sustainable solutions that lower the energy demand of commercial buildings,” says Chad Ricker, Technoform Bautec market team manager.

Membrane product with low water retention capacity, mold and mildew resistant

A self-adhering, primerless vapour permeable membrane, IKO AquaBarrier VP provides superior performance in wall assemblies where a vapour permeable, weather resistive air barrier is required. Due to the vapour permeable matrix of AquaBarrier VP, it may be applied to most common substrates, such as gypsum, OSB, block, concrete, CMU and plywood. This membrane product is designed for numerous applications, such as masonry cavity walls, metal cladding systems, siding applications, renovations and retrofits, curtain walls and parapets.

The lightweight design of the AquaBarrier VP membrane makes it is easy to install, with no mechanical attachments or primer required for standard application. Coated with a proprietary acrylic adhesive on the back surface, the product offers high-performance for common wall applications and has an easily removed polypropylene release film. AquaBarrier VP is an effective vapour permeable membrane when installed according to IKO specifications.