Action Packed Programming & In Person Micro Events at BUILDEX Amplified

To continue to connect and support the industry, BUILDEX Vancouver and BUILDEX Alberta will host online educational programming and in person micro events in British Columbia and Alberta from September 27 – 29, 2021.

The 2021 programming will connect architects, designers, engineers, contractors, owners, developers, builders, property managers, and more, responsible for progressing design, building communities, future cities, and sustainable growth.

For three days, professionals can join the industry’s leading experts dedicated to providing insight and information on what’s happening in the building industry through online seminars, panels, and demonstrations.

Attendees can expect new and innovative products for the built environment, diverse speakers, continuing education seminars, industry networking, meaningful dialogue, an enhanced online experience and safe and secure in person events.

BUILDEX Vancouver will return face-to-face, February 16 – 17, 2022.  Once again, attendees can look forward to making in person connections, sharing knowledge and exploring the newest products as we raise the bar on safety, hygiene, and high-quality event experiences.  All events will come together as BUILDEX Amplified.

Key Themes at BUILDEX Amplified 

Future Work will address the crisis facing Canada’s construction workforce, changing workplaces, and the shifting nature of work itself for building industry professionals.

Carbon Reduction & Wellbeing will explore key strategies to tackle the climate emergency, including mass timber builds, retrofitting existing assets, embodied carbon, and high-performance buildings.

Digitization & Industrialization will examine how design, construction, and real estate will be further transformed by the convergence of technology, automation and mechanization on the built environment.

Featured Online Programming

Keep ahead of the trends and challenges impacting your business, earn AIBC, AAA, IDCEC, and BC Housing credits, and find out what our changing environment means for jobs of tomorrow.

Changing Workplaces and Workplace Strategy: 

Where Will We Net Out in Canada?

As Canada emerges from lockdown, what can the corporate sector expect in terms of return-to-work protocols and strategies?  How much of that strategy will be driven by employers’ ideas around best practices vs. employees’ demands for a new normal in a highly competitive labor market?  And what will be the long-term impacts for real estate strategies and office demand that trickle down to business opportunities for architects, designers, and industry suppliers?

This panel of experts spans interior design, workplace consulting, corporate workplace strategy and real estate services.  They will provide current insights on office attendance (in-person, hybrid versus fully remote working), workplace practices in 2021, and explore the shifting nature of work and workplace in the post-pandemic era. A thoughtful and lively discussion will address:

  • How employee and employer priorities and expectations have changed due to COVID-19
  • The influence of workplace strategy and practice trends appearing in national and international markets
  • The potential for long-lasting changes to ways we work, including opportunities and risks related to mental health, wellness, community-building, “the great resignation” and more

Changes to the National Building, Fire, Plumbing and Energy Codes: 

Anticipated to be Published December 2021

The next editions of the National Building, Fire, Plumbing and Energy Codes will include almost 450 technical changes to adapt to a rapidly evolving building industry.  Over the last code cycle, Codes Canada has been working closely with the provinces and territories as well as industry partners to update all four national model codes.  Updated codes provide effective building and safety regulations, harmonized across Canada.

This presentation will highlight some of the most significant technical changes that are being incorporated in the upcoming editions of the Codes, which are expected to be published in December 2021.  Changes relate to encapsulated mass timber constructions, safety-glazing, large farm buildings, accessibility, earthquake design, water-miscible liquids, water-use efficiency, air leakage, and the introduction of tiered performance requirements and alignment with EnerGuide System in the National Energy Code for Buildings.

Adaptive Reuse of Existing Buildings: 

Successfully Delivering New Lives for Troubled Assets and Struggling Neighbourhoods

In a post-pandemic world, changing workplace practices and real estate strategies are placing even greater pressure on commercial real estate; locally, nationally and internationally.  At particular risk are class B & C, aging, energy inefficient, technologically outdated, poorly connected, and undesirably located commercial assets.  This panel has been amassed to discuss how adaptive reuse projects across Canada and North America are proving viable and successful while injecting new life into troubled assets and revitalizing dead communities.

Join the session to hear:

  • Adaptive reuse design challenges
  • Key code and regulatory barriers
  • Important cost and financing obstacles
  • Common planning, preparation and tenancy oversights
  • The construction realities of with adaptive reuse projects
  • Remaining hurdles for adaptive reuse to become commonplace in Canada

For more information about BUILDEX Amplified and to register online for free, visit:

Action Packed Programming & In Person Micro Events at BUILDEX Amplified


BUILDEX is the voice of the building industry today, and the vision of its future, bringing together talent from across industry to interact, learn and discover the newest innovation of a market in constant transformation.  Our events enable Architecture and Design, Engineering, Construction and Property Management professionals to immerse themselves in dialogue through a meaningful platform for industry advancement.